We had a steel project related to a support deck surrounding our recent pool project that we were really struggling to get moving. The steel portion was holding us up. It was to be 20,000 plus pounds of steel which included the deck supporting structure, handrails with ornamental bar, and ornamental fencing/gates in three sections with three gates. Prior to ACE’s involvement we struggled to get a fabricator and steel erection contractor to come up with a workable solution. Few wanted to touch the project because of site issues related to the steel decking. An early on significant challenge was that the pool and related steel project all hangs on the side of a mountain just behind the house. Without a clear path to get the steel to the pool area and without a flat spot for equipment, this presented issues that required a team that would work closely together. As can be the case on construction projects, there were challenges and ACE was a cornerstone member coming up with solutions. After meeting ACE’s PM, Jason Hopper, it became readily apparent they were willing to think outside the box and help facilitate solutions, where a team could execute the project. ACE identified a contractor who communicated multiple methods for getting the steel to the back of the house and erected. Jason’s team also came up with and developed other solutions throughout the project. It is too many to list of them all here. However, some examples relate to access door solutions that were not in our drawings in an effort to hide future deck penetrations, like pool skimmer basket doors and pool cover access doors. ACE also helped find savings and improvements in the end product. An example of one we implemented was a design change for our fencing and pool railing which was a move from steel cable to steel bar, this saved us thousands of dollars to net cost and made the end product near maintenance free while being safer. There were others.

Throughout the project ACE stayed in touch having daily calls and near daily visits to the project. Certainly, Jason was on site when key design discussions were happening. ACE would also send out various internal team members for those discussions as necessary. It could be we needed to discuss a change in the type of weld joint for a particular connection or we need to discuss some change in the design of the fencing. No matter the issue, ACE was there for us. I cannot say enough how committed the ACE team was to this project and how they really helped push things to get it truly finished. We sort of miss the project now that it is complete, but we are also loving our completed pool deck, handrail, and fence.

Thanks so much!!!

Jason Jowers